Our property services aim to cover all of the potential needs agents or landlords may have. Our options are tailorable to suit clients requirements but with whichever option taken The Housing Inspector will maintain a clear and constant line of communication to ensure the service is carried out to a standard all parties are happy with.

The Housing Inspector provides two key property services to our clients;

  • We offer a highly comprehensive property inventory service – including check-ins, mid-term inspections, check-outs and any property visits,
  • a thorough property management package that takes ownership of any contractual work or services to the property at large.

We recommend trusted contractors for a number of our management projects. The Housing Inspector makes nothing from these third parties – we recommend entirely on merit.


We compile thorough inspection reports of rented properties before, during and after tenancy.


Full packages for 6 or 12 months and bespoke management services to cater for all your needs.


We liaise with reputable contractors on any outstanding work on the property.