Let's get started!​

“Since transferring our property portfolio to Anne Marie it has been like a breath of fresh air. It would be true to say that we have never had a property manager as good as her.

Right from day one she has worked tirelessly to get up to speed on the properties, get to know us and the tenants and deal with the most pressing issues in a very efficient and easy manner.

Anne Marie cares deeply about providing a good and fair service to both tenant and landlord alike. The trust that these relationships build up allows her, and her comprehensive network of trusted and reliable tradesmen, to manage the properties so well.

Under her stewardship we feel in control of what is going on, can get things done and that the properties and tenants will be looked after and improved. Suffice it to say that we are very happy indeed to have Anne Marie looking after our properties.”

Every good property has it’s solid foundation and yours should be no different.  

We start with 4 building blocks which you can select from.  The minimum requirement is the Online Management but after that the choice is all yours.  

As always we are here to help and advise so please do get in touch if you need our assistance in deciding.

Online Management

Online Management - £50 per month, per property. Includes one hour administration

24 Hour Emergency

£100 per month, per property. Includes four hours administration - additional hours charged @ £25

Administration Fees

£25 per hour. Time billing is based on 15 minute periods

Regular Updates

Whether by means of a mid term inspection or video conferencing all parties are updated on a regular* basis (*urgent updates delivered as and when necessary).

Roll Over!

All unused administrative hours will be carried forward to be used in the case of emergencies.

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